Pagadian City Attractions

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Pagadian City is straddling the line between modernity and traditions. All the entrapments of modern technology are present for the eager tourist or local, but there is still a sense of the old, reminiscent of rural towns. Such a feeling invokes in one a sense of relaxation, perfect for anyone who wants to get away from all the trappings of a bustling metropolis. While all this is enough to warrant at least a couple days’ stay at Pagadian City, it is just icing in the cake. Pagadian is also not without its landmarks and attractions, especially the natural ones, of which the Philippines is particularly known for. And like most places that are hidden gems, searching and encountering each one is an adventure in and of itself.

Pagadian has a lot of natural resources and attractions to ease the tired minds and bodies of any visitor. For those who want to relax, embraced and cupped in Mother Nature’s bosom, there is the Lourdes Hot and Cold Springs, which is only 32 kilometers away from the city. The springs are all natural, so it is assured that they are soothing and perfectly safe. The springs are also tapped by the city’s water district as a prime source of water for the barangays, particularly Kagawasan.

Pagadian also has its share of wonderful and beautiful waterfalls that are hidden from the entrapments of modernization. Pulacan Falls is located some 12 kilometers from Pagadian City, in the town of Labangan. It covers an area of 400 square meters and is the source of water for the Labangan irrigation system. It can be easily be reached by any motorized vehicle. Since the opening of the PADAP Road, the Pulacan Falls has been getting good press, with people choosing to camp and picnic there. Lison Valley Waterfalls, on the other hand, is still relatively untouched. Located 42 kilometers northwest of Pagadian, the falls have a height of about 20-25 meters. The basin is spherical in shape and about 20 meters in diameter. The area itself is surrounded by verdant forested greens, giant ferns, and wild orchids. Lourdes Waterfalls, located in barangay Lourdes, is another great waterfalls attraction. Like the hot springs, Lourdes Waterfalls is also located some 32 kilometers away from the urban area. Manga Falls can be found 7 kilometers away from Pagadian and it is a two-layered waterfall, surrounded by huge trees that are home to white monkeys. Ditoray Waterfalls is located a bit further — 14 kilometers away — and it is worth the trip. Large stones ring the falls, making for a grandiose spectacle.

For those who are into mountain trekking and hiking, Pagadian has three mountains to choose from. The first is Mt.Susong Dalaga, which means “Maiden’s Breast”. Is has a semi-perfect cone with lush forest cover. It is found in barangay Lourdes, some 32 kilometers from the city proper. Two kilometers away is Mt. Pinokis, also found in Lison Valley. The mountain features forests inhabited by monkeys and gorillas. It is currently under consideration for development. The third is Mt. Palpalan. At 684 feet above seal level, the mountain gives the visitor a sweeping vista  of urban Pagadian City, as well as the neighboring municipalities and the deep sapphire waters of Pagadian Bay. There are also hills for those who want to climb something but are not yet ready for mountains. Dumagoc Hill is a former military reservation that, some say, follows the contours of a heart. Bulatoc Hill, on the other hand, provides a breathtaking view of the whole city and is currently the site of a flourishing subdivision. It is also very accessible from Bulatoc, as well, located just 2.6 kilometers away. There’s also Bogo Hill, at Barangay Bogo, some 4 kilometers away from the city proper. The hill is particularly good for agriculture, as well as a good area for viewing Pagadian’s beauty.

Spelunkers will also be happy to know that there are two caves in Pagadian that are considered tourist spots. The first is called Kendis Cave, and it is situated 14 kilometers away from Pagadian, and 5 kilometers away from Ditoray. It is an open-end cave spattered with plants and vegetation with large overhead crevices and two interior chambers. Manga Caves, on the other hand, are twin caves located along the equally beautiful Manga Waterfalls.

Finally, the adventurous types who fancy themselves actors in an action movie can pretend to be in one via the several hanging bridges found in Pagadian City. The La Suerte Hanging Bridge is located in barangay Lourdes. It looks just like what one would see in movies, with wooden planks suspended by cables. The Lower Sibatang Hanging Bridge is 27 meters in length, again, with wooden planks suspended by support cables. Finally, the Bagalupa Hanging Bridge stands as the longest at 80 meters in length. All three bridges are safe and fully functional.


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